***Corona Virus Update***

Best Herbal Highs will continue to work and operate as normal for the foreseable future. There is plenty of stock available.

However, in the near future there may be delays with delivery due to the impacts of the virus. Please have this in mind and allow for extra delivery time if the situation in Australia worsens. We will also update here if there are any major changes in operation. 

NEW UPDATE 01-SEP-2020: AUSPost deliveries have started to become severly delayed especially in Victoria. Due to this, from today onwards, our delivery time frames have been increased by 3 extra working days for completion in Victoria. This is hopefully a temporary measure that will be resolved soon. We appreciate everyones understanding.


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Best Herbal Highs - as the name suggests, only supplies the BEST - most potent and long lasting Legal Highs, Herbal Incense, and Party Pills in Australia!

We actively supply Australia with Herbal Highs Products, Legal Highs, Herbal Incense, Research Chemicals, and Party Pills on wholesale. We have now opened a website to cater for the growing demand for our Herbal Incense products and expanding customer base. We can therefore provide the best prices for any order size.

Our stock includes the most popular Legal Highs in Australia - Cataclysm Herbal Incense and also the NEW super potent Hypernova Herbal Incense. Check out out our full range of Herbal Incense Products HERE.

Australian and International customers welcome to place orders for any Best Herbal Highs product. For both consumer and wholesale requirements.

Thank you again for taking your time to visit our online store. Please do not hesitate to Contact Us should you have any questions.



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