Best Herbal Incense on the market. Strong & Potent Legal Highs blends in Australia. Fast acting and long lasting. Our Herbal Highs stock includes the popular Blue Magic Herbal High, Wolf Rage Herbal High, and Mr Nice Herbal Incense Blend along with other amazing Herbal Highs products.

Also check out the newly added Dark Herbs Sample Pack which features the 3 top selling Herbal Incense products in the Best Herbal Highs range: Wolf Rage Legal High Herbal Incense, Dark Dream Legal High Herbal Incense, and Supernova Legal High Herbal Incense.

All of our Herbal Incense products are Legal Highs in Australia!

Herbal Highs

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Viper Herbal Incense

Viper Herbal Incense - NEW FORMULA 2020 Viper Herbal Blend is a brand new aromatic ince...

8 reviews

Pegasus Herbal Incense

Pegasus Herbal Incense NEW FORMULA 2017! This Legal High has an amazing smooth and ...

24 reviews
$85.00 $55.00

Hypernova Herbal Incense

Hypernova Herbal Incense - NEW FORMULA 2017 This Herbal High blend is both strong and l...

42 reviews

Cataclysm Herbal Incense

Cataclysm Herbal Incense VER 2 - IMPROVED FORMULA MAY 2018! One of the most potent Herb...

30 reviews

Wolf Rage Herbal Incense

Wolf Rage Herbal Incense NEW FORMULA 2017! Super potent Herbal Incense blend availa...

30 reviews

Sinister Herbal Incense

Sinister Herbal Incense VER 2 - IMPROVED FORMULA MAY 2018! This is the NEW super potent...

23 reviews

Cursed Herbal Incense

Cursed Herbal Incense LAST BATCH EVER! AVAILABLE WHILE STOCKS LAST! Cursed Herbal Hi...

19 reviews

Dark Dream Herbal Incense

Dark Dream Herbal Incense. LAST BATCH EVER! AVAILABLE WHILE STOCKS LAST! New super...

11 reviews

Mr Strange Herbal Incense

Mr Strange Incense Mr Strange Herbal High is a milder smooth and relaxing Herbal Incens...

7 reviews