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We offer massive wholesale discounts and best prices in Australia. Only the Best Herbal Incense.

Strong & Potent formulas. Fast acting and long lasting.

Wholesale available for the popular Phantom, Voodoo, and Dark Matter Herbal Incense Blends, and other amazing Herbal Incense Blends.



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Black Angel Wholesale

Black Angel Herbal Incense - WHOLESALE NEW PRODUCT FOR 2021! New super long lasting ...


Dark Matter Wholesale

Dark Matter Herbal Incense - WHOLESALE NEW FORMULA 2021! This Legal High has an ama...


Phantom Wholesale

Now available for WHOLESALE! Phantom - The most potent Herbal Incense blend available i...


Red Cobra Wholesale

Red Cobra Herbal Incense - AVAILABLE FOR WHOLESALE! A NEW potent Herbal Incense blend t...


Voodoo Wholelsale

Voodoo Herbal Incense Wholelsale NEW PRODUCT FOR 2021! One of the most potent Herbal...