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We offer massive wholesale discounts and best prices in Australia. Only the Best Herbal Incense.

Strong & Potent formulas. Fast acting and long lasting.

Wholesale available for the popular Blue Magic, Wolf Rage, Mr Nice, and other amazing Herbal Incense Blends


NOTE: For quantities larger than 5kg, please email us on wholesale@bestherbalhighs.com.

Alternatively, you can use Contact Us link to send us message directly.


Team Best Herbal Highs


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Cataclysm Wholesale

Cataclysm Herbal Incense One of the most potent Herbal Incense blends available in Aust...


Hypernova Wholesale

Hypernova Herbal Incense - NEW FORMULA 2017 NOW AVAILABLE FOR WHOLESALE! This Herbal...


Pegasus Wholesale

Pegasus Herbal Incense - WHOLESALE NEW FORMULA 2017! This Legal High has an amazing...


Sinister Wholesale

Sinister Agent Herbal Incense. Now available for WHOLESALE! This is the NEW super poten...


Wolf Rage Wholesale

Wolf Rage Herbal Incense now available for WHOLESALE! NEW FORMULA 2017! NEW! Super ...